About Jaydee Says

Welcome to Jaydeesays

I knew was I have wanted to blog for a while but it had taken me a long time to muster the confidence to just do it. Tired of being the quiet girl (I’m not THAT) quiet at all! I have found a place to voice and express my opinions without the judgement of others drowning it out.

I have been posting on here for a while but never promoted it after a recent conversation with a friend got me thinking to myself – why am I not sharing this? For fear of being judged? That’s silly… it’s time to just let people think what they think… and do what makes me happy.

I’m Jay, I’m in my mid-twenties (still holding on to mid) and I have an interest in many things. So many random things inspire and interest me that I found it impossible to settle on just one category. I’m not a fashionista but I like fashion, I’m not an MUA but I like make up, I love the gym and pole but I’m not an athlete – do you get my jist?

On my blog you will find a combination of health and fitness, fashion, beauty and general lifestyle.

I’m here for the ride and plan to enjoy every part of the journey

Happy Reading x