Period Hacks – dealing with your period naturally 

Period Hacks – dealing with your period naturally 

For the past few years, the dreaded time of the month seems to be progressively getting worse. I’m not really into taking lots of different medication to deal with it every month as I don’t like the idea of taking something unnatural every single month.

So I have been trying to find ways to deal with my periods as naturally as possible.

First things first… Evening Primrose Oil is an absolute Godsend! recommended to me by my mother. You take it in every day in the week leading up to your period and I also take it for the first couple of days too. Evening Primrose Oil is great for dealing with the symptoms of PMS. Evening Primrose Oil really helps me with both cramp and nausea.

Of course, I have to mention the trusted favourite the classic hot water bottle it is so essential when you’ve got bad cramp and that familiar dull ache in your back. Mines from Primark and it was quite cheap at only £6. It also comes with this really cute penguin cover which I don’t really mind cuddling up to 🙂

Hot water bottles probably aren’t the most practical thing to carry out and about so you could try heat patches which I have used before when I have been at work and are great for when you are out and about and nobody knows you are using one.

I don’t know about anybody else but every single month without fail that I’m on my period I get terrible nausea and recently have started throwing up too, which is really annoying having to get sent home from work every month and just generally feeling crappy. One thing I have found helps with this is tea. I find Yogi Tea flavoured with Ginger, Orange, and Vanilla to really help. It’s quite nice to drink and doesn’t taste awful ( I don’t usually like ginger tea). I also recommend ginger biscuits and I want to say ginger beer but I think that’s more just because I like to drink it.

Now I don’t really like sanitary towels and I don’t really like tampons. I don’t really think they are good for you because of the chemicals used to bleach them. I try to make use of my Menstrual Cup, which is a little cup which you put inside your vagina. It’s reusable and lasts for years. It was a little bit fiddly at first but you get used to it. Now it’s an absolute godsend as you haven’t got to remember to carry sanitary towels or tampons around with you.

Apparently, exercises are really good way to deal with period pain (groans). Personally, I hate exercising when it’s that time of the month. I just want to curl up in bed! I tend not to do legs for the first few days of my periods and try to incorporate some light cardio or stretches to ease the pain.

When the pain becomes too much and nothing else seems to be working I will resort to taking a painkiller ( probably once a year). In terms of pain relief, I hear the best thing to take is (please consult a medical professional) Ibuprofen Lysine. I don’t really like taking painkillers at all and I avoid it so if you see me taking them just know that I’m in a hell of a lot of pain. I have trouble swallowing tablets so I have actually started taking the children’s oral suspension (liquid) ibuprofens and I just take two of them when I really need to.

What are your period hacks?

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